22 February 2024 World

IK Group and Trident Energy announce extended partnership.

IK Group is proud to announce an extended partnership with Trident Energy, building upon the strong relationship that began in 2019. This partnership aims to unite our innovative solutions with Trident Energy’s expertise, broadening our engineering offerings for the energy industry, especially in markets such as Brazil and Africa.

Trident Energy has one of the industry’s most experienced teams in operating and redeveloping mid-life oil and gas assets, and we’re excited to integrate our transformative engineering with their rich capabilities.

“I’m thrilled with this strategic partnership with Trident Energy, a partner that has been fantastic to work with from day one and a significant part of our success in markets such as Brazil and Africa. At IK Group, our mission has always been to deliver comprehensive engineering solutions to our valued clients. With Trident Energy by our side, we can now offer an even broader spectrum of solutions that address critical industry needs and drive growth. We look forward to creating synergies and exploring new possibilities far and wide.” Adrian Gamman, VP IK Subsea.

“Having an innovative, forward-thinking partner in the area of extending the life of subsea assets in a responsible manner is one of the key elements of our business. IK Norway has demonstrated creative and cost-effective solutions to help maintain our infrastructure; we look forward to continuing our relationship with IK Norway” Enrique Valero-Torrentera, CTO TEML (Trident Energy Management Limited).

Working alongside partners who share our values and goals allows us to continue delivering even more unique and sustainable solutions to our industry. This is an excellent example of the power of collaboration and shared capabilities. We very much look forward to the journey ahead for IK Group and Trident Energy.