Our approach at IK Subsea is simple: to deliver the perfect solution to a specific challenge by managing risk in a controlled manner. Whilst risk encompasses everything from sustainability, finance, and operations through to contractual obligations and employee wellbeing, there is a common denominator. Safety and quality are at the core of everything we do, wherever we work.

Our commitment to our employees, customers and key stakeholders rely on robust processes, and is underpinned by our ability to continuously deliver safely to an agreed quality standard.

The IK Subsea management system describes our company strategy and holds our governing documents, policies, procedures and supporting information. IK Subsea utilizes a web-based Business Management System, implemented to advance our HSSEQ continuous improvement process.

Our Business Management System ensures a consistent level of HSSEQ, improving repeatability so our products consistently match the specifications required by the customer.
It supports everyday activities related to our work practices, mitigation of risks and defined internal control routines, ensuring work is performed in accordance with our processes and procedures.
IK Subsea is certified according to ISO 9001, registered in Magnet JQS with ID 1666 and we work according to ISO 45001 and ISO 14001
Wherever relevant, our products are designed and manufactured according to the Norsok 006 standard

Our business management system is built around and certified to ISO 9001. We work according to ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 guidelines. Our HSE system (and other Company information) is registered and detailed in the Magnet Joint Qualification system in Norway. Magnet JQS audits our systems and processes (including detailed on-site audits) on behalf of Norwegian operators. IK Subsea has strict processes embedded in our management system, ensuring that every project has an auditable trail from end to end.

Our organization has an embedded safety and environmental committee which is chosen through an all-employee election process. The group comprises a Safety officer, and Industrial safety group with a leader and a working environment group. These key contributors ensure that safety leadership is delegated to and driven by employees -ensuring alignment and inclusion with key strategies and processes in the workplace.

Our life saving rules are

Fit for work operations

Verify that essential job duties
can be performed.

Safe mechanical lifting

Plan lifting operation
and control the area.

Energy isolation

Verify isolation and zero energy
before work begins.

Line of fire

Keep yourself and others
out of the line of fire

Hot work

Identify and control
ignition sources.