Subsea Repair

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Our success thrives on challenges beyond the standard service providers and their technological capabilities. We are known for our bold problem-solving and pioneering mindset, making us the go-to solution provider for addressing significant challenges related to Pipelines, Xmas Trees, and general subsea infrastructure. Whether tackling leaks, infrastructure failures, or structural integrity issues, we are always ready to deliver brilliant solutions that redefine excellence in the subsea industry.

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IK Subsea technologies are renowned for precise engineering and flawless installation, even when accessibility seems impossible to overcome. Our Subsea Repair Products provide an extensive portfolio strategically utilised with tailored design modifications, custom tooling, and ROV delivery packages to guarantee project success.
Our Subsea repair technologies include:
Repair clamps
EPRS and PRS systems
Structural reinforcements
Bespoke custom designs to meet a wide range of challenges

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Case study
Structural Repair at PLEM Junction – Ultra Deepwater
Compact Sealing Clamp

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