Subsea Custom Tooling

Our customers are very important to us. That is why we developed our expertise in direct response to their demands.


Our success thrives on challenges beyond the standard service providers and their technological capabilities. We are known for our bold problem-solving and pioneering mindset, making us the go-to solution provider for addressing significant challenges related to Pipelines, Xmas Trees, and general subsea infrastructure. Whether tackling leaks, infrastructure failures, or structural integrity issues, we are always ready to deliver brilliant solutions that redefine excellence in the subsea industry.

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Subsea Custom Tooling

Ensuring the structural integrity of damaged piping or securing sealing integrity around leaking infrastructure is environmentally and commercially crucial. At IK Subsea, we equip our expertise in Subsea engineering to ensure that repairs align perfectly with project requirements. 

Our focus on operational efficiency drives our custom tool designs, reducing ROV time and increasing installation success rates. In a recent ultra-deepwater subsea PLEM repair, we addressed accessibility and structural integrity concerns by creating an integrated tool set capable of removing coatings and preparing surfaces before deploying a customised integrity clamp. 


Our innovative approach extends to tailored designs for hot and cold tapping, torque tools, and subsea machining, encompassing milling tools.

Our Subsea Custom Tooling include:
Bolt removal
Integrated drilling and Plugging tools
Pipeline Cutting Equipment
Diamond wire cutters

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