Subsea Lifting& Handling

Our customers are very important to us. That is why we developed our expertise in direct response to their demands.


Our success thrives on challenges beyond the standard service providers and their technological capabilities. We are known for our bold problem-solving and pioneering mindset, making us the go-to solution provider for addressing significant challenges related to Pipelines, Xmas Trees, and general subsea infrastructure. Whether tackling leaks, infrastructure failures, or structural integrity issues, we are always ready to deliver brilliant solutions that redefine excellence in the subsea industry.

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Subsea Lifting & Handling

IK Subsea has designed and manufactured a range of handling and lifting tools. Our deep domain expertise provides unique insights from an integrated viewpoint, ensuring that our brilliant engineering translates into practical solutions that can be safely and efficiently operated and deployed.


Our lifting and handling tools designs have led the way in creating recovery tools, clamps, hold-back clamps for caissons, and various piping solutions alongside internal and external lifting tools.

The tools vary from light weight ROV operated midline handling lugs to heavy duty lifting tools with several hundred tons of capacit

Our Subsea Lifting & Handling include:
Friction lifting clamps for flexibles, cable and umbilicals
Lifting tools for midline connection onto products to be lifted
Internal Pipeline Recovery Tool (PRT) for pipeline end lifting
External PRT for heavy duty / deep water lifting
Penetrating Pin Through Tool for pipe end lifting

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Securing Clamp for Caisson
Flexible Lifting & Cable Recovery Tool

A complete overview of our tools