Securing Clamp for Caisson

Securing Clamp for Caisson
Norwegian North Sea
Project Manager:
Lena Karlsson

Project Description


IK Subsea secured a contract to provide two Caisson securing clamps, utilizing a standard split clamp fastened around the caisson. These securing clamps play a critical role in preventing the caisson from descending into the seabed in the event of separation above the lower caisson support and below sea level.


The primary securing clamp was positioned above the lower support guide on the caisson, while an additional clamp was installed below the lower support guide, securing the lower section of the caisson. To create a unified system for securing the entire structure without complex subsea operations, the bottom clamp was linked to the top clamp with two lines.


The upper clamp underwent hydraulic closure around the caisson, subsequently lowered onto the top of the guide support, torqued with a single setting bolt, and firmly fixed to the caisson. Meanwhile, the lower clamp was hydraulically closed around the caisson beneath the lower support guide. Installation was carried out by ROVs with the assistance of removable buoyancies, streamlining the process.

2 years (based on planned permanent repair schedule).
Open/closing mechanism:
Hydraulic cylinder.
Locking mechanism:
M33 bolts
Dimensions upper clamp:
1370 mm x 1330 mm x 300mm
Dimensions lower clamp:
1370 mm x 1330 mm x 150mm
DOF Subsea for ConocoPhillips
Project Start/End Date:
05.2023 - 07.2023
Location of Project/ Region
North sea
790 mm
Installation method:
Clamps :Caisson securing clamp
Structural/Non structural:
Yes,friction clamp.
Temperature range:
-10 - +40 degrees C