Subsea Isolation / Plugging

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Our success thrives on challenges beyond the standard service providers and their technological capabilities. We are known for our bold problem-solving and pioneering mindset, making us the go-to solution provider for addressing significant challenges related to Pipelines, Xmas Trees, and general subsea infrastructure. Whether tackling leaks, infrastructure failures, or structural integrity issues, we are always ready to deliver brilliant solutions that redefine excellence in the subsea industry.

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Subsea Isolation/Plugging

Whether it’s a subsea leak needing isolation and repair or failed valves and lines requiring Plugging, IK Subsea has the track record and specialised resources to address these challenges effectively.

Our Subsea Isolation and Plugging Technologies comprise a broad portfolio of Plugs and Caps that encompass nearly all pressure and temperature requirements or can be customised to do so. We utilise mechanical and hydraulically operated systems to offer temporary or permanent solutions, ensuring proper testing and qualification for effective sealing in challenging environments.

Our Subsea Isolation/Plugging include:
Permanent plugs for decommissioning
Plugs for flushing of flowlines & pipelines
Plugs for temporary sealing of lines during deployment and recovery
Plugs for pressure testing of flowlines & pipelines
Light weight / neutral in water ROV friendly plugs

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High Pressure / High Flow Decommissioning Plugs
Installation of Receptacle Plugs

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