Suction Pile Removal Service

Suction Pile Removal Service / Subsea
UK - North Sea
Project Manager:
Iana Galanova

IK Subsea was enlisted by Allseas for a planned recovery mission in the UK North Sea, involving the extraction of a wellhead protection structure with four soil anchors/cans.


To facilitate the lifting of the protection structure, four cans were evacuated from the seabed through connecting hoses. IK Subsea played a pivotal role by providing the necessary drill tool, manifold station, hydraulic pumping unit, connector setting tool, male/female connectors, and hoses tailored for offshore operations.


The equipment, conceptualized and delivered by IK Subsea, underwent development from the tendering phase to delivery within an impressive two-month timeframe. The IK team was actively present on the oceanic vessel, overseeing the operations involving IK Subsea’s equipment and providing assistance during the execution. The offshore operation took place in shallow waters with extremely limited visibility.


The successful offshore operation adhered to the planned schedule, resulting in the successful lifting of the wellhead protection structure. This marked IK Subsea’s inaugural recovery operation of a soil anchor, signifying a notable achievement.


Throughout the project, IK Subsea maintained a robust working relationship with Allseas’ engineering and offshore teams. The accompanying image illustrates the structure during the lifting operation and its subsequent placement on deck.