20 June 2024 America

IK Subsea to Attend DecomBR.

We are thrilled to announce that our IK Subsea division will attend the DecomBR – SPE Brazil Decommissioning Symposium in Rio de Janeiro on June 25th and 26th.

This two-day symposium will feature five important technical sections, and IK Subsea will be present on stage for Session 3, “Subsea Decommissioning,” a session for discussions about subsea decommissioning evolution in Brazil, lessons learned, and future challenges in this new frontier in the oil market. Christian Knutsen (Chief Technology Officer – IK Subsea) will present “Subsea Mastery — Custom Solutions for Lifting, Cutting, Isolation, and Ocean Conservation.”

Geir Egil Møller Olsen, IK Subsea’s Director of Sales, will also be present. This is an excellent opportunity to engage in exciting discussions about the capabilities that make IK Subsea an integral part of the European Oil and gas supply chain, providing cutting-edge products and technology solutions to various leading international companies.

In today’s sustainability-focused world, executing decommissioning projects with global ESG standards is vital for the industry’s survival. It’s crucial to develop initiatives that minimise risks, costs, and impacts on all stakeholders while maximising positive effects. By prioritising transparency and responsibility, the industry can show its dedication to minimising environmental and social impact.

This event is one of the largest globally for decommissioning offshore installations, bringing together top industry players, academia, and government regulators to discuss sustainable ways to enhance the decommissioning process.