Subsea Isolation/Plugging

Plug Recovery Tool

IK Subsea has a unique track record in tackling subsea challenges all around the world, in any water depth. Our team of experienced engineers can help assess your problem and will always advise on utilizing the most economically beneficial solution to address the challenge.

Whether subsea challenges require existing technologies, re-designs of field proven solutions, or a totally new approach with full engineering, design, testing and installation tool suites; IK Subsea are the supplier of choice.

Our Solutions portfolio gives an overview of some of the typical technologies we supply off the shelf, either as standard designs or as the basis for application specific design changes. If you don’t see what you need, or wish to talk to an expert about how our risk-based engineering approach can help you, please contact us.



Product Description


  • Combined lifting and plugging tool for pipelines, risers and flowlines
  • ​hydraulic setting
  • ​​Completely remotely operated and activated
  • Physical connection to product with toothed slips or wedged friction pads
Key Benefits
Can be delivered with flushing features
Can be used for pressure testing
Can be used for de-watering of pipelines
Failsafe function
ROV and diver friendly operation
Simple installation / uninstallation



  • Temporary plugging of the pipe ends
  • Single or dual sealing barrier with test port
  • Pipe dimensions:4” – 36”​
  • Test pressure: 0 – 600 bar​
  • Loads 0 – 1000Te
  • Water depth: No practical application limitations

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