6″- Bend Repair Clamp

Jan 2019 / July 2019
Bonga Field - Nigeria
Project Manager:
Iana Galanova

IK Subsea has developed a solution to stop a leakage on the 6”- 45deg elbow on Bonga WT-04 template. 

The 6” Bend Split Clamp, specifically designed to be installed by ROV, was implemented while the pipeline was depressurised (Isolation Valve closed) during the installation. 
In response to limited installation space, a purpose-built diamond wire cutter tool was designed and constructed by the IK Subsea team. Following the successful modification and installation, a retrofit beam was added to enhance the structure’s integrity and restore its original functionality. 

Design Pressure:
245 bar
Water Depth:
Pipe OD:
6" (168,3mm)
Design Life:
20 years

A customer communication spoke to the high degree of satisfaction: 

 “Super-fast, flawless execution, and high-quality performance both from the office and offshore teams.” 

Shell Nigeria Exploration
and Production Company

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