Cold Tap Tie-In Clamp – Water Injection

Cold Tap Tie-in Clamp - Water Injection
Project Manager:
Iana Galanova

Project Description


The client required pressure support through water injection for a satellite well. The conventional approach involving the design, procurement, and installation of a riser to an existing topside structure was deemed both costly and time-consuming. Consequently, an alternative solution was assessed and ultimately selected—employing a subsea cold tap tie-in to an existing 10” water injection line.


IK Subsea facilitated this alternative by providing a retrofit mechanical cold tap fitting and a cold tap drilling machine, both operated by ROV. To ensure the integrity of the tie-in, a third-party engineering report covered the verification of applied tie-in forces, assessment of the capacity of the existing pipeline, and geotechnical considerations.


IK Subsea deliveries to Trident Energy consisted of a cold tap clamp for tie-in of a 5.2 inch flexible flowline to an existing 10 inch Water Injection rigid pipeline.

The Main components included in the delivery were:
  • Cold-tap clamp
  • Running Tool for clamp installation
  • HP plug for branch hole
  • Subsea drilling unit
  • Guide clamp for 5.2 inch line
  • Torque tools for bolt setting