Flexible Support Clamp

Flexible Support Clamp
September 2021
Project Manager:
Iana Galanova

Project Description


When an Operator in Brazil approached IK Subsea with a flexible riser challenge, our Subsea engineers devised an innovative solution.

The issue was driven by a need to stabilize the flexible riser in conjunction with the in-situ offshore structure. The IK Subsea engineering team devised an innovative solution: an ROV-operated combined clamp designed for both riser sealing and riser support, boasting a remarkable 20-year lifespan. Tailored for an operational water depth of approximately 90 meters, the clamp is installed over a flexible line. Its primary functions include establishing a stable connection to the existing structure and ensuring the secure anchoring of the flexible riser.


This project showcased a distinctive packer design, rigorously tested for the first time at IK Subsea, paving the way for its incorporation in future projects.


Trident Brazil
Project Start/End Date:
06.2021 - 09.2021
Location of Project/ Region
Dimension: (inches)
8” flexible riser
Installation method: (Diver/rov/RAT)
ROV and platform assistance.
Design code:
ISO 13628-8:2006 2006/42/EC NORSOK M-501 DNVGL-ST N-001 DNV 2.7-3
Pressure (bar and PSI)
The clamp does not need to provide sealing capability.
Produced oil
Structural/Non structural:
Yes, provide a stable connection between a flexible line and the excisting structure.
Temperature range: (Celcius)
4°C – 15 °C