Holdback Clamps

Holdback Clamp
Gulf of Mexico
Project Manager:
Christian Knutsen

Project Description


IK Subsea engineered and supplied five ROV operated Holdback Clamps for the Thunder Horse “buttered weld defect” repair initiative.


All delivered equipment was certified for the 2000 meter water depth at the project location, necessitating a comprehensive test program to document the resilience to high water pressure alongside advanced hydraulic functionalities.


These Holdback Clamps played a vital role by securing the Steel Catenary in position allowing for a safe cutting operation at the PLET locations. Subsequently, the SCRs were elevated to the surface to address identified weld cracking issues.


Tailored for three different dimensions of SCRs (8″, 10″, and 12″), the five Holdback Clamps were affixed to the outer surface of the SCR and linked to a suction anchor through a chain/wire system. Employing a hydraulic wedge and teeth system, the clamps securely gripped onto the Thermotite (3LPP) coated lines.


The timely and cost-effective delivery of the clamps ensured their seamless utilization in the planned repair operation, aligning with the project’s objectives.


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