Leak repair of Xmas Tree Flange

Leak repair of Xmas Tree Flange
Project Manager:
Bozidar Sevic

Project Description


The IK Subsea team undertook an urgent repair on a X-mas tree flange couple positioned at a water depth of 820 meters. This critical repair was essential for the uninterrupted supply of gas crucial for power production in the Philippines.


The team faced a considerable challenge—a leak in a flange couple with a pressure of approximately 200 Bar, compounded by limited space and accessibility. Initial studies by the team generated multiple potential solutions. One innovative idea involved utilizing a special sealant that solidifies and seals specifically where there is a drop in pressure. In this approach, a custom clamp with an integrated sealant injection port  would encircle the flange, and the sealant would be injected into the leakage. While such a process is typically executed from within, the unique circumstances and accessibility issues required a different approach.


Following numerous trials, tests, the development of various prototypes, and Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT), the installation proved to be successful, resulting in significant cost savings. Shell acknowledged IK Subsea’s exceptional efforts by presenting them with an “Outstanding Achievement Award” in recognition of our successful and innovative resolution to the urgent repair.


Project Start/End Date:
04.2015 - 10.2015
Location of Project/ Region
Dimension: (inches)
5 1/8” API 6A flange
Installation method:
162 bar
Natural gas/fluid
Structural/Non structural:
Yes, The capability of the clamp to hold the flange couple mechanically with all bolts removed while maintaining a gasket contact stress of 70 to 140 MPa, with the original flange stud bolts assumed failed. Seal the flange couple with circumferential packers and perform the injection of a pressure differential (dP) activated sealant through the clamp into the leak path.
Temperature range:
5 – 100 °C.

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