Repair of a Deformed 8” Gas Line

Repair Clamp
Danish Sector North Sea
Project Manager:
Iana Galanova

Project Description


The project involved the design and supply of a repair clamp for the deformed (bent) Tyra East – Gorm 8” pipeline. Subsidence led to a 160 bend a few meters from the platform/J-tube. According to the survey report interpretation, the bend did not result in a buckle or leakage at the location.


The repair clamp, designed for diver installation, is a single-barrier structural split clamp. It serves to safeguard the pipeline against potential future leaks at the deformed location. The clamp features one compression packer at each end and structural slips to ensure the overall structural integrity.


The clamp, with slips and packers, securely grips onto the pipeline on each side of the bend-section, encompassing the straight pipeline sections. The primary function of the clamp is to physically bind itself to the pipeline, ensuring the long-term sealing function. Additionally, its structural capacity enables it to handle loads in the unlikely event of a complete separation of the pipe at the bend location. While this scenario is not expected, it is included as a requirement, reflecting a conservative approach to the repair solution.


Project Start/End Date:
08.2023 - 09.2023
Location of Project/ Region
Danish sector North sea
6” pipeline Length: 2200 mm
Installation method:
Design code:
DNVGL-RP-F113 DNV-GL-ST-F101 EN 13445-3:2014
99 bar
Structural/Non structural:
25 yrs