Scar Rectifying Tool

Scar Rectifying Tool
March 2019
Offshore / Norway

Project Description


IK Subsea engineered and manufactured a Scar Rectification tool to eliminate scars and alleviate stress concentrations resulting from an operational error during water jetting. There were concerns that sharp edges on the scars caused by the water jetting operations could impose stress concentration and potentially initiate crack growth, and in worse case a collapse of the structural member. By grinding the sharp edges, the stress concentration is significantly reduced to an acceptable level according to the applicable standards and norms.

The milling tool is tailored for diver operation, incorporating both manual and hydraulic functionality. The design integrates a combination of standard components and custom designed elements, ensuring seamless and secure milling operations.


Project Start/End Date:
01.2019 - 04.2019
Location of Project/ Region
North sea
Installation method:
Diver / Remote controlled
Size of hole drilled/section of coating removed:
Section: 6 sections removed Ranging from 100-700 mm length
Structural/Non structural:
Operational Parameters
Water depth:
Installation method:
diver operation
Design life:
temporary equipment