Water Stop Plugs

Water Stop Plugs
January 2019
Offshore / Norway
Project Manager:
Bozidar Sevic

Project Description


IK Subsea engineered and supplied 32 ROV-operated water stop plugs, comprising 16 with a diameter of Ø300 mm and 16 with a diameter of Ø150 mm. These plugs were specifically designed to completely plug inspection holes on the leg of a North Sea platform. The Polypropylene plugs were made with spacer plates allowing for the wall thickness variations in the platform leg. Insertion was performed by ROV, with six elastomer friction knobs keeping the plugs in place during the deployment. The ROV then turned the locking latches, ensuring an effective barrier against water flow and debris.

Project Start/End Date:
01.2019 - 01.2019
Location of Project/ Region
North Sea
16 off 150 mm plugs 16 off 300 mm plugs
Installation method:
Plugs and caps:
No flushing capability