Pig Tracking Simplified

Facilitate your pig tracking process, enabling a swift transition to
your next operation. 


Intuitive Operation


Our EMRx Electromagnetic receivers are designed for simple operation with one control
carrying out all functions and standard design and functionality across the range. 



Visual Insights


Our dedicated Bluetooth and Windows Apps visualise the received signal in real-time
allowing you to identify critical points easily and make informed decisions quickly. 
Screenshots and export functions allow for further analysis, reporting, or sharing. 



Enhanced Sensitivity


Permits the location of transmitters even within very heavy walled launchers and receivers,
pipeline bundles, or Pipe-in-Pipe.

Operation and Features
Electromagnetic Receivers locate and track pigs fitted with Electromagnetic Transmitters and/or magnets. They can also confirm whether a pig has left or arrived at a particular location.
Both Onshore and Subsea options are offered, along with an ATEX and IECEx Zone 0 certified Receiver designed for use in hazardous areas.
The Multi-frequency feature allows users to identify and locate individual pigs.
Digital Signal Processing (DSP) allows use in high-noise environments with more reliable signal acquisition.
IK Trax’s EMRx Apps allow advanced receiver functionality such as tracking six colour-coded frequencies, audio output, data logging and the ability to mark points of interest.
Subsea version includes the option to relay the received signal back to the surface via ROV umbilical using RS232, allowing it to be interpreted topside.
Detection through pipeline walls over 40mm is possible, depending on transmitter settings and environmental factors.

EMRx Onshore

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