IK Subsea is a high-energy, solution-driven company with a proven track record in delivering bespoke engineering solutions to solve the biggest challenges in the subsea industry. We provide brilliant solutions for repairing and maintaining pipeline and production systems.

Our client’s satisfaction is at the heart of
what we do.


We specialize in customizing solutions that meet our client’s unique challenges, ensuring project success and exceeding expectations. By assessing the suitability of well-proven technology and solutions, we can refine it, when possible, to meet the challenges through product development. However, some challenges are truly unique and demand new technology and processes. IK Subsea has the engineering resources, capability, and mindset to solve even the most difficult challenges. Safely, Compliantly, and with a laser focus on customer needs.

Efficiency is the foundation of our values.


With over 30 years of experience, we excel in maximizing production potential and streamlining processes in all phases of offshore projects. Our portfolio spans commissioning to decommissioning, showcasing our expertise in every phase of offshore projects, ensuring asset integrity, extending the life of subsea assets, and facilitating safe decommissioning with minimal environmental impact.

Our approach is simple: deliver the perfect solution to a specific challenge by managing risk in a controlled manner.

Our principles

reflect how we work every day to shape our brilliant solutions

Safety above all

Do what is right

Solution-driven mindset


Minimal environmental impact

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